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Trust your content again

Welcome to Verify, where we’re revolutionizing trust in digital content. Our mission: to establish a world where authenticity reigns. With innovative AI, we embed imperceptible watermarks in digital assets, ensuring their veracity. Our core values of big thinking, ownership, integrity, and innovation drive us towards a future where every digital interaction is genuine, combating fake news and protecting intellectual rights. Trust in content, redefined.

Ways in which invisible fingerprints help you manage and trust your content


Consent Management

Full workflow for Consent Compliancy


Copyrights infringements
Tracking – Reporting – Revoking


Human and/or AI Generated visuals Recognize and Identify

Full Content Analytics with AI Powered Brand Sentiment Management

Harness the power of AI to navigate the complexities of brand sentiment. Our platform offers comprehensive content analytics, providing real-time insights into public perception. Elevate your brand strategy with data-driven decision-making, ensuring every communication aligns with your audience’s sentiments.